Sweet Hale


Sweet Hale Inn Jialeshuie Surfing Beach:
Located 20 to 30 minute away by scooter or car from popular Kenting Night Market main street and walking distance to
a famous surf spot called Jialesuei beach

NOTE: The Daily Bus Schedule from Henchun Town to Jialeshuei is very limited. For International booking or travelers to get there, it is better that you have international driving license to rent a car or international scooter license to rent a scooter.

We don't offer FREE shuttle transportation to get there and guests required to have their own transportation.

We ONLY take Pre-book with Room Rate Payment.

If last minute booking, just have to call to check if we are happening to be there in Jialeshuei beach and if room is available

Recommended for Independent adventure guests ,bikers or surfers to stay there,nice and cozy beach with a little fisherman village.


Room Types and Conditions:
We have :

  • Private room for 2-person
  • Private room for 4-person

A Second floor building.  It has two separated rooms with a living room and a sharing bathroom.  Each room is with A/C and Hawaiian style decor with a small living room with TV cable, Refrigerator, Lounge chair, chair, Fan, and Bathroom,WiFi access


Sweet Hale ( Hale 唸哈壘, 夏威夷話是指 家 的意思 )
位於知名的佳樂水衝浪區, 走到佳樂水海灘約3 ~ 5 分鐘
離墾丁夜市大街要20 ~ 30分鐘的車程, 開車, 騎機車
如果你大陸內地,香港, 澳門或馬來西亞或新加坡遊客需租電動車( 不用駕照的 )或是專車接送

備註:從恆春鎮到佳樂水的當地公車班次不多, 一般仍以機車或開車最為便利


如是沒訂房及下匯訂金, 當天要入住者, 請來電 0963-244177 問, 如巧, 我們當時在佳樂水海灘,有空房才可以入住.



是位於2樓的建築物, 有2個房間 ( 每個房間是兩人房 ),有客廳, 躺椅, 電視頻道, 冰箱, 熱水壺, 衛浴設備,WiFi Access

有2人套房, 4人套房

以2人套房 ( 1間2人房Queen size 床)有客廳及衛浴 Private room for 2-person ( one queen size bed ) or ( one king size bed ),has its own private living room and bathroom.

4人套房計 ( 2間2人房Queen size 床)一個客廳及衛浴 Private room for 4-person ( 2 separated rooms with 2 Queen beds ) with a private living room and a bathroom.







  2F 圖騰2人套房 2F Tiki Room 2F 圖騰2人套房 2F Tiki Room
2人房 king size 床-呼啦房
one king size bed for 2-people ( Hula room )
2人房 king size 床-呼啦房
one king size bed for 2-people ( Hula room )
Second Floor Living Room 2樓客廳
Second Floor Bathroom Pic 2樓衛浴    


原價 Original Rate 及暑假週六(Holidays/ High Season Saturdays)

旺假平日(High Season weekdays)

淡季週六(Regular Saturdays)

淡季平日(Regular weekdays)

2人套房( Private room for 2 )





2人King size床房(King size bed private room for 2)





4人套房( Private room for 4 )













NO Pets


NO Credit Card Service

NO Internet Access in Room

NO Breakfast



進房Check in 15:00

退房Check out是隔天早上11:00前

   *Public bus system is limited for travelers who don't have their own tansportation。

訂金帳戶:電匯訂金:第一銀行 恆春分行 代號:007 戶名:杜格 帳號:753-50-303070
     請務必詳閱,「 民宿網頁共同訂房需知 」您必須完全同意民宿住宿規定,再匯款訂房!

Directions to Sweet Hale Inn:
From Kaohsiung City: 
1.)By pick up service ( sharing taxi or min van with others ), it is in front of the Kaohsiung main train station, it can get off at our Da Wan shop to pick up room keys.  Then take off from here on you own to Jialeshuei Sweet Hale.

2.) Or take the bus to Kenting.  Get off the bus at the 7-11 stop, across MacDonald, straight ahead there is a traffic light, make right turan at the traffic light toward to the ocean side road, walk straight ahead at the Da Wan road, the first building ( shop ) on the left is where to pick up the keys.  Or you can get off the bus at the KFC stop, there is a small alley right next to KFC, walk through the small alley to the ocean side road, the first building you see on the left is where to pick up Sweet Hale room keys.  To pick up room keys at our Da Wan shop and head to Jialeshuei on you own.  You may have to take bus back to Henchun Town, then transfer local bus to head to Jialesheui Sweet Hale.  The local bus schedule to Jialeshuei is very limited ( until 17:00 for the last bus to head out there )  Or after pick up room keys, you may rent the scooter with international license to go to Sweet Hale on you own.

3.)Catch the Train from the Kaohsiung Train Station to arrive Fangliau train station.  From Fangliau catch the Bus to Da Wan road Kenting area.  Pick up room keys at Da Wan shop, then head to Jialeshuei Sweet Hale on your own.

凡住宿佳樂水Sweet Hale 的房客請先到一館夏威夷風, 墾丁里大灣路266號, 拿鑰匙再自行到Sweet Hale.


到佳樂水 Sweet Hale 的方向指示:
1.)開車或有機車的房客, 繼續南下經過鵝鑾鼻及海線, 再往北上往港口村茶山路的Sweet Hale. 

或往恆春鎮, 經過出火方向往滿州鄉港口村茶山路 ( 佳樂水衝浪海灘 ) 的Sweet Hale.

Special Remarks for Guests:
Guests should be responsible for their safety at beach.
Please take care of your own belongings.
We do require two night stay to reserve room(s) with Room Rate Payment

凡住宿佳樂水Sweet Hale 的房客請自己注意水域安全, 請保管自己的隨身重要物品
我們一般只接受提前訂房及有下匯訂金的房客, 如果當天臨時要住 Sweet Hale ,我們如有碰巧在佳樂水海灘衝浪才有接當天臨時的住宿, 不然一切是需預訂及下匯訂金的

Located Near:
In the Kenting National Park, Near a famous surf spot called Jialeshuei Beach.


Room Bookings:
Taiwan locally bookings please call 0963-244177  Camie ( 凱咪 )
台灣訂房請打 0963-244177

訂金:第一銀行恆春分行 代號:007 戶名:杜格 帳號:753-50-303070

International bookings, please e-mail: hawaiistyleinn@yahoo.com and we require deposit to hold the rooms via credit card or Paypal system.

( 下訂金前,請與我們確認空房及房型,住宿日期)再下訂金喔
海外訂房,請以Paypal 線上網路信用卡銀行帳戶下訂金 http://www.uukt.idv.tw/_tw/member/07_pay.php?kd=21
直接至我們民宿的 Paypal 帳號:

按 Paypal 後, 你會看到快速結帳這一頁
先填寫你的基本資訊 及 住宿日期等後
再按選 check out with Paypal
進入後沒有 Paypal 的帳號 再選擇下面部份的, 請選下面的 Credit Card 系統服務
填寫的是 你信用卡上的正確資訊 ( 執卡人,及帳單住址等 )

BEFORE Deposit Transaction,Please conatc with us to confirm ROOM Availability,ROOM Type,Date ( night ) of staying....
For international bookings.please transac deposit viA Paypal online ( with any credit card ) through : http://www.uukt.idv.tw/_tw/member/07_pay.php?kd=21

Or log in our Paypal account :

or our own web : www.hawaiithings.com
after you enter our website, you will see the paypal sign, click it to enter and fill out your basic info and click enter to go to the credit card system page. If you have paypal, you can remit deposit through Paypal
or for non-paypal member can choose its credit card system below
please fill out all infos...since complete deposit transaction and receive deposit,we will give you a confirmation and more our hotel room infos, location and facilities...

For Taiwan Locally bookings,please transac deposit below:
First Bank ( bank code 007 ) Henchun Branch
Account name: 杜格
Account number: 753-50-303070

Aloha from Us!